The Fly reflected

The Fly reflected Began to lay down in bed … Only lay down – as will jump up Oh! – shouts – Invisible being!.

Followed water – !.

Stumbled – plopped down – it was stretched, it is good, is able that to fly … The child roars with laughter so vividly to it these pictures see.

I I double diligence.

The Fly reflected well it is impossible to live so, it is necessary … it is necessary … as – that to make the Invisible being visible … … remembering Wales, I estimate, what on it to pull, that the clothes gave out it … and then she decided to dress not it … to put on … – Cap! To Vidimka! – Arina shouts.

It is valid, why still to the present to the Invisible being real caps To it magic it is necessary, here the such – Vidimka! – And where it to take – I ask the quick child, and that gives out without halts – The fly was in a jacket.


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