Can press

Can press Are afraid to cause to it inconvenience, pain, are afraid of it to drop.

Relax, inhale more air, the kid not such fragile as it seems to you! Here so it will be better! How to hold the child.

If you took the child on hands, constantly support his head a hand or a forearm.

A back support a forearm and a brush of the second hand.

Can press to itself the kid or keep it at arm's length.

For movement with the child can use a special backpack.

Constantly protect the head of the baby the hand.

The child is the main judge in a question as there is a lot of and as often it should eat.

V JAS the KID FOR the st WEEK MATURED When you hold the child on hands or bear it by means of adaptations on a breast, be careful not to cause it harm.


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