So, if the oneyearold

So, if the oneyearold Children of different age from the point of view of their mental development differ among themselves first of all on available and characteristic kinds of activity for them.

So, if the oneyearold kid generally manipulates subjects knocks, shakes somethin piles up one toy on another, the preschool child is engaged in designin erecting difficult buildings from cubes, draws, molds, recreates in games of an event of surrounding life, plots of favourite fairy tales.

The important party of mental development emergence, change and improvement of mental processes and qualities of children perceptions, attention, imagination makes, memories, thinkin speeches, feelings, initial forms of strongwilled management of behavior.

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Here you will

Here you will But consider that children easily distract, and, quite possibly, even very much wishing to make as it is necessary, the cub will not carry out your task up to the end.

It drags a cube, on eyes the machine comes across, the machine suffices Bibi! Went! that's all forgot.

Here you will be helped by the simple recipe toys should be a little! That is there, on shelves, in yashchichka as much as necessary, and here plays only with what are necessary in this, this game.

Finished game Carry into place, clean, and then take the followin another what you will want.

By the way, with big heaps of games and toys kids in general play worse, are confused, lost, demand, that parents went helped, with them played.

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Smiles, having

Smiles, having Sit down to table.

Galya Tea to drink.

Puts before everyone the wooden cylinder from a construction material, from another pours.

It is tea it explains.

Goes, brings some halves of balls and distributes them, speaking The rolls, to everyone on a roll.

Smiles, having met eyes the experimenter, and it is again serious Vilya, do not detain, rather! The experimenter call.

She says that behind it mother came, and leaves.

On F.


Fradkina's materials.

Younger preschool children recreate in relation game in very limited, narrow circle of plots.

As a rule, it is the games connected with direct practice of children.

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The backlog

The backlog Children of many regions are deprived of parental love as social living conditions create deficiency of communication of the adult with the child.

Employment of mother and absence of the father which for a long time leaves a family in search of earnings, become the reason of an arrest of development of the child.

The backlog reason in development of children of workers and the unemployed in the capitalist countries is class discrimination.

Children keep away from the family, create children's street communities in which the examples of behavior obtained from bourgeois mass media and a surrounding social microhabitat violence, aggression, sex dominate.

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,, Yura, having

,, Yura, having Removed from itself some brush so that it was more convenient to look at a ring which continued to move.

,, Yura, having received in both hands on a metal rattle identical in appearance from which one jingled, waved at first with both rattles, and then continued to swing only that which jingled.

As soon as a rattle replaced another, he ceased to play it.

{ From supervision of River #.

Lech TmanAbramovich.

Further development of a manipulation consists that the baby starts to act not with one, and at the same time with two subjects.

The simplest example of such action a postukivaniye one rattle about another.

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