For the younger

For the youngere.

understanding of its contents is improved.

Development of understanding of communication of drawing with reality.

Children well learn images of familiar subjects, people, situations, but treat the picture not how adults.

For the younger preschool child the picture is rather a repetition of reality, its special look, than the image.

Children often assume that the drawn people, subjects can have the same properties, as the presents.

When to the preschool child show the picture on which the person standing by a back is represented, and ask, where it the person, the child overturns the picture, expecting to find the person on the back a sheet of paper.

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The wadded

The wadded It is normal physiological process, and you should not care of it especially.

Ear sulfur consists of the become lifeless cages an epiteliya and a ferruterous secret.

She allows to protect an eardrum and an acoustical pipe from alien microorganisms and substances.

Ear sulfur is usually removed independently.

We do not recommend to be engaged in clarification of external acoustical pass from sulfur.

The wadded balls moistened in water, wipe an auricle, but do not try to clean an ear inside.

Danger of a travmirovaniye of an eardrum is very great! Clothes for walks Be guided by that, as though you put on.

For walks with the kid in cold weather use on one layer of clothes more than allocate.

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Here it will

Here it will ,, Before Serezhey on a table two glass glasses of an identical form in which the unequal quantity of water is poured.

The experimenter asks the examinee to choose to itself a water glass.


Here it will be your water, and it is mine.

Who has more than water At you or at me .

At me.

The experimenter chooses a narrow high glass and pours the water in this glass.

The water level becomes higher, than in a glass of the examinee though the water volume is less.

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Actually, anything

Actually, anything On a sotenny spoke , on decimal Now we postpone beads of the second, attaching them to already postponed beads of the first on a sotenny spoke, on decimal and on the individual.

It was necessary to write down only the received number, having counted up all postponed beads Now we will take more difficult case when we need to postpone more than beads on a spoke.

Actually, anything difficult.

Having reached to , we return into place all beads on this spoke and we postpone one on bottom on It one bead is equal to beads of the top spoke.

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Help the kid to develop

Help the kid to develop For games with the kid use things and the subjects surrounding you in a life.

Help the kid to develop capture.

If you play together, suggest the child to take various subjects.

Try to induce it independently to reach any toy.

You can think up many toys.

For example, the ringlet which has been put on a measured spoon, can be th WEEKred rattle, the picture which has been cut out from the magazine a remarkable grant for examining and training.

Choose lungs for toy capture At this age for the kid those toys which are easy for holding in a hand will be best.

Children like balls of various flowers and the sizes.

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