Can press

Can press Are afraid to cause to it inconvenience, pain, are afraid of it to drop.

Relax, inhale more air, the kid not such fragile as it seems to you! Here so it will be better! How to hold the child.

If you took the child on hands, constantly support his head a hand or a forearm.

A back support a forearm and a brush of the second hand.

Can press to itself the kid or keep it at arm's length.

For movement with the child can use a special backpack.

Constantly protect the head of the baby the hand.

The child is the main judge in a question as there is a lot of and as often it should eat.

V JAS the KID FOR the st WEEK MATURED When you hold the child on hands or bear it by means of adaptations on a breast, be careful not to cause it harm.

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Among our adult

Among our adult Among our adult informantsthere were people who were distressed concerning that they had all ~lump late in comparison with others.

The girl who has arrived from the province, both in teenage, and in the youthfulage continues to solve problems of the first, adaptable phase studiesnot to hesitate, not to be afraid of people, to feel in transport, as all.

The young woman of years with surprise reports about the recently on ~the been desire to learn And where there is a bus further, after II leave and the decision to be passed by this bus to a rin asit is done by children of years in ~.

Why I know nothing about that,what round me Parents anywhere did not start up me, and I was afraid of everything not ~acquaintance.

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You will approach

You will approach What is the wood What season Whether it is solar, whether there is a breeze You one or with someone What do you do You leave on a clearing and see a spring.

You will approach to it You will drink water Suddenly on an edge jumps out an animal.

What it That it does And you that do You go further, ahead – the river.

What As you will be to get over on other coast You appeared on other party – and see the house.

What is the house It would be desirable for you to go there You approach to the house, directly to a door.

Describe door.

On a door the plate, what does she look like On it your name is written – read inscription.

You come into the house.

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In the weakened

In the weakened The first I from other world and now am in the world another's.

The second I collect information.

In the weakened look it will soundso I am not included in events, and I observe.

The position of the observer necessarily is close to the child and for his developmentit is very important.

In the relations with the adult world the child masters it ~malstvo.

Adults are extremely inclined in many significant for themselvessituations psychologically, and even physically to leave the child offscreen.

And he from a secluded corner looks, listens observes, remembers,acquires behavior models.

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Günter drags

Günter drags ,, Mother stumbled on the steps conducting from one room in another.

Günter first of all tries to help to rise it, then starts to blow on the hurt place, repeating with alarm Now it is better Let's notice to children of the severe pain, mother went to other room.

Günter drags a stool to a door, scrambles on it, presses the handle and again asks gentle tone Now it is better Then comes back to a place of falling and carries away a bucket standing there which considers as the misfortune reason, saying that does not want, that it repeated.

From supervision K.


The love and tenderness in relation to other people are connected with indignation and anger against those who acts in the opinion of the child as their offenders.

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