In their

In their They see certain phantoms, hear the voices pursuing them.

These are victims of pathological conditions.

In their personality signs of the organic violations, the mentalities which were accompanied by destruction are shown.

So, except for direct internal images extremely rare and absolutely not obligatory for achievement of sanctity, images which can become object of studying of experts, for example theologians or members of English society of mental researches, but do not enter into education, the unique material for our intellectual activity that sense organs give us.

The imagination cannot have other basis, except the touch.

The touch development preparing for exact perception of all distinctive signs of a subject, underlies supervision over things and all phenomena available to our sense organs.

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On it so much

On it so much Call any subject which see.

The said word will be obligatory a noun.

Look at this picture.

On it so much all is drawn people, things.

Call them.

The words said by you surely will be nouns.

Verb action.

– Evgenia! Rise! Go! Evgenia carries out all these actions, rises, goes.

To order it to Evgenia, I had to tell it too action.

Nouns subjects.

And these words designate actions.

It is necessary to move.

Exercises on imagination.

Look at subjects.

What with them it is possible to do Look at our class.

What here it is possible to do What do in shopWe look for verbs among the mixed cards, in the book.

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But surely

But surely And he will have the right to buy to itselfhimself that wants.

But surely help to orient, as By the way, as experiment lower a slice of a crude pechenka in a bottle of Coca or any other aerated water.

In two days in the face of the child it will corrode or even it will completely be dissolved it steadily makes very strong impression upon the grownup children.

I wantwant, buybuy!!!better them, this money to spend.

However, and here do not insist.

Spent unsuccessfully Next time will operate more cleverly.

Only do not add additional finance of earlier stipulated term, differently the clever child simply will get used that at you always it is possible to elicit a new tip.

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It is necessary, that

It is necessary, that Happens that the preschool child, having listened to a mathematical task, shows interest not to what actions should be carried out for its decision, and to the situation described in statements of the problem.

So, he refuses to solve a problem Mother ate four candies, and to the son gave two.

How many they ate together, being indignant with injustice described in it And why it so gave to Mischa a little the child asks.

It is necessary, that was equally.

In other cases the child tries to receive as soon as possible the answer and for this purpose applies at random actions of addition familiar to it and subtraction.

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The nurse

The nurse If you do not ask in time a question, that, probably, to the completion of visit you will already forget it.

Ask any questions interesting you of emotional development of the child, his trainin social development.

Ask to recommend you books and magazines in which you could find answers to the questions.

The nurse can answer your some questions, probably, it will make it with big desire, than the doctor.

Help the kid to relax When the child relaxes and calms down, it is easier to it to fall asleep.

Let's list that can help it with it.

Heat bath.

Many children like to bathe.

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When the child

When the childAs soon as between you mutual understanding will be adjusted, you can precisely define the crying reason.

When the child cries, be not afraid to take it on hands, to these you itIf you attentively listen, be convinced that crying of the kid different under various circumstances.

V ! JEvery time, when the child indream turned over from a back on a stomach, overturn it again.

The child should sleep on a back.

The st WEEK will not spoil.

On the contrary, it will help to establish more strong links between you.

Each action you accustom the kid to that with your emergence near it all hardship vanishes and we appear comfort and security.

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