Offer a pusgyshka. and can be, he a finger

Offer a pusgyshka. and can be, he a finger The child starts to sleep better.

Time for dedication of the kid came to ritual of preparation for a dream and zasypaniye.

This ritual accustoms the child to calm down before going to bed and facilitates a zasypaniye.

What enters into ritual of preparation for a dream Usually it includes bathin putting on of night clothes, feedin a song or the fairy tale.

Stack the kid in a bed while he did not fall asleep.

Offer a pusgyshka.

and can be, he a finger in a mouth.

Watch, that in a bed was notsuperfluous things or toys.

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Dreamin Parents apprehended it correctly is a signal the adult DO NOT CLIMB! It is my world! I have on it full authority.

Also allowed it to cut the lock.

However, on a key it it was not locked, because adults learned politeness gathered to enter – knock.

Dreamin our children study how to behave – lose in imaginations different situations.

Roleplaying games of children practically always are based on imagination.

Pay attention imagination and reality separate – the stick is a horse, but also after all a stick.

Imagination helps to understand itself, in the feelings, feelings, desires.

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Earlier pupils

Earlier pupils And occurs.

Today in classes the corporal punishments which until recently are widely used in prisons, madhouses and schools are not accepted.

Punishments became less severe bad notes, remarks, complaints to parents, temporary exception of school.

Encouragement too became less demonstrative.

Earlier pupils rose by a scene as winners, received from hands of the wellknown citizens of an award, listened to parting words, and the halls filled with proud, uneasy parents, faded in admiration.

Today avoidsimilar excesses.

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Calls about

Calls about Plates provide guidance on different shades of the same color.

Calls about octave sounds.

Other materials provide guidance on a ratio of length, thickness.

Exercises with these materials as we saw, are very attractive to children and repeat them infinitely.

The tutor calls each sign.

So the classification, all its headings, that is possibility to remember a sign, its image according to the name is created.

We can distinguish subjects only on their properties, therefore, classification of these properties a basis of the order including all subjects.

The world is not so chaotic for the child.

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For a staff

For a staff In our communitythe staff was alternative to the house of parents.

We tried to fill it ~ subjects, even ware, also liked not only to play there, but also ~there is, and sometimes and to sleep.

In – years owing to absence of children in the district where I lived, I built to myself~ alone Volodya.

For a staff we built tents.

In the winter from thrown out New Year'sfirtrees, in the summer from boxes, branches, sticks.

The main thing secret presence.

Membersgames had the password, there was a game scenario, are accurately cast, and all I will come ~manna names.

As a rule, there were imagined opponents.

Napri ~measures we Indians, they are passersby white men.

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You can determine

You can determine Your kid cries it usually and is expected.

Newborns can cry or more hours per day.

It is the unique way for the child to tell that it is hungry, wet, is tired that it is boring for him or it not in mood.

When you know the kid better, you will understand that crying has different intonations and value.

You can determine by crying of the child that happened.

If crying of the child guards you, discuss it with the pediatrist.

The child grew thin.

Newborns have a physiological loss of weight of a body.

It begins soon after the birth and days last.

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