Spirit – in general

Spirit – in general Almost magic things However, it can be both a casket, and a trunk, and ordinary the sack – as is more convenient to you.

The only thing that it is necessary – to issue them on magic it is more beautiful!, that it would be desirable to glance there, that hardly darted a glance – at once guessed here live helps for the fairy tale.

Spirit – in general a great cause.

But if the child not in mood That … also is not necessary.

The main thing that in mood there were you.

And for kids business does not become, children easily catch parental mood and it is easy are connected – to your optimistic note.

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The child

The child Children want to preserve the inner peace, and we want to prevent of We poison them with a gloom of errors.

The child battles for the spiritual food, as the poor for a piece of bread.

It degrades, falls a victim of our temptations as the poor comes under to alcohol influence.

In this fight and death children the poor people doomed to poverty.

Anybody does not show us better, what not bread uniform the person is live.

Sufferings, the fight, all public requirements concerning corporal needs, are shown and in spiritual development.

Children need to raise, be improved, develop the intelligence, an inner world, to build up character.

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It is possible

It is possible Why nobody wondered, how from air of plazmodiya gets to a bloodgroove What catalepsy captured mind of experts in intellectual work What huge assemblage of minds and any identity! At last Ross opened that malaria is transmitted to birds by special mosquitoes.

Here, at last, the main argument which has generated knowledge of truth.

If birds catch from mosquitoes, and people should have all as.

Simple reasonin but it as the guide sign, conducts us directly to opening.

It is possible to believe that in malarial areas air is fine, and the soil is fertile.

It is possible to breathe this air all day long and to remain healthy! Only avoid stings of insects.

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So, if the oneyearold

So, if the oneyearold Children of different age from the point of view of their mental development differ among themselves first of all on available and characteristic kinds of activity for them.

So, if the oneyearold kid generally manipulates subjects knocks, shakes somethin piles up one toy on another, the preschool child is engaged in designin erecting difficult buildings from cubes, draws, molds, recreates in games of an event of surrounding life, plots of favourite fairy tales.

The important party of mental development emergence, change and improvement of mental processes and qualities of children perceptions, attention, imagination makes, memories, thinkin speeches, feelings, initial forms of strongwilled management of behavior.

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Here you will

Here you will But consider that children easily distract, and, quite possibly, even very much wishing to make as it is necessary, the cub will not carry out your task up to the end.

It drags a cube, on eyes the machine comes across, the machine suffices Bibi! Went! that's all forgot.

Here you will be helped by the simple recipe toys should be a little! That is there, on shelves, in yashchichka as much as necessary, and here plays only with what are necessary in this, this game.

Finished game Carry into place, clean, and then take the followin another what you will want.

By the way, with big heaps of games and toys kids in general play worse, are confused, lost, demand, that parents went helped, with them played.

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Smiles, having

Smiles, having Sit down to table.

Galya Tea to drink.

Puts before everyone the wooden cylinder from a construction material, from another pours.

It is tea it explains.

Goes, brings some halves of balls and distributes them, speaking The rolls, to everyone on a roll.

Smiles, having met eyes the experimenter, and it is again serious Vilya, do not detain, rather! The experimenter call.

She says that behind it mother came, and leaves.

On F.


Fradkina's materials.

Younger preschool children recreate in relation game in very limited, narrow circle of plots.

As a rule, it is the games connected with direct practice of children.

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