A little

A little And from those unexpressed assumptions which will come to mind, only it becomes more terrible.

A little that there was something unclear and frightening and children very much are acute so also the truths do not speak, it is even more terrible.

If parents cannot be trusted, means in such huge world there is nobody to rely About itself or aloud, at once or a bit later, the child all the same will be to look for the answer to a question And where it got to, because it tries on everything on itself.

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The Fly reflected

The Fly reflected Began to lay down in bed … Only lay down – as will jump up Oh! – shouts – Invisible being!.

Followed water – !.

Stumbled – plopped down – it was stretched, it is good, is able that to fly … The child roars with laughter so vividly to it these pictures see.

I I double diligence.

The Fly reflected well it is impossible to live so, it is necessary … it is necessary … as – that to make the Invisible being visible … … remembering Wales, I estimate, what on it to pull, that the clothes gave out it … and then she decided to dress not it … to put on … – Cap! To Vidimka! – Arina shouts.

It is valid, why still to the present to the Invisible being real caps To it magic it is necessary, here the such – Vidimka! – And where it to take – I ask the quick child, and that gives out without halts – The fly was in a jacket.

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Quite often

Quite often There is a set ~tsifichesky children's ways of generalization and ordering of representationsabout world around.

It does it in imaginations, games, dances, songs, ~ and other types of individual creative activity.

Quite often ~ly at all do not notice, how the child continuous a miroustroitel ~ makesthe ny work allowing it to keep feeling of stability, ~to Nosta and intelligence of the life.

Happens that adult, that without understandin try to destroy ~ this work of the child.

For example, quite often teachers fightwith the earth line and the sky line in drawings of preschool children achieve,that the child completely painted over the represented sky and the earth as ~I forge scenery against which his characters ~ should settle downsunka.

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Interiorizatsiya. Internal

Interiorizatsiya. Internal As a source of such actions external rough actions serve.


Internal actions which the child of three years applies, solving a problem on filling of cuts in a board, the child of five years, moving a lever shoulder, graduate of kindergarten, making addition of numbers did not appear by itself.

They resulted from transition in those external forms of rough action by means of which problems of each type were solved at the previous stages.

This process external actions inside carries in psychology the name interiorizatsiya.

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And children

And children The moment will come he will rise and will go.

Today practically all parents hold such opinion.

Therefore diapers, baskets on castors and walkers gradually disappear from shops.

And children nevertheless grow with direct legs and start to go even earlier, than in days of old.

What simplification for parents! It is hard to understand that legs, a nouse, a head and ears of the beloved child entirely depend on your care.

What huge responsibility! To understand how more quietly that the nature took care of everything.

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However it is a question

However it is a question Some experts on music scarified our material, having declared that it will not help to seize the musical art available to the only chosen.

However it is a question of distinction of different sounds, that is fluctuations of different frequency.

This quite material, notable difference which is capable to catch any normal ear.

For this purpose it is not necessary for any musical endowments.

Otherwise we will reach the statement that only the genius is capable to distinguish color shades.

Special difficulty of music other, highest order intuitive feeling of harmony and counterpoint, creative inspiration.

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