The important

The important Interest to the such external moments is less important, than desire to study, but also it has positive value, expressing the general aspiration of the child to change the place in society, situation among other people.

The important party of psychological readiness for school sufficient level of strongwilled development of the child.

At different children this level appears various, but the typical line distinguishing sevenyear children, the sopodchineniye of motives which gives to the child possibility to operate the behavior and which is necessary in order that at once is, having come to the I class, to join in the general activity, to accept system of the requirements shown by school and the teacher.

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In what way it is possible

In what way it is possible To take, for example, rope wires.

In what way it is possible to pull them that they went to houses of all ~ the groups, living in different places of the settlement moreover that bronze to ~lokolchik on the ends of these wires in houses of children ringed at turnshturvalny wheel on an attic.

Here still it is possible to add from where ~foxes of a rope if in those days a piece idle time of a linen rope was valuably ~ for any hostess.

Or selfmade phone on which it is possiblewas to speak as children managed to make it After all even any mat ~rials for this purpose it was impossible to get.

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May here

May here Listen to that children speak.

May here will come and will bring a bug … the May … Bolshooho the such!, – what is it Perhaps, the beginning of the fine fairy tale … Write down more – and to you it becomes more clear their surprising Toy Store.

Be connected to it.

Small govorilka or As children's speech develops By the end of the first year of the life the kid says the first words.

We with impatience wait for these !, bibi, mother, father, … Our care and caress, our first fairy tales induced the baby to babble, murmur, modulate this babble i.


to repeat syllables with various intonation, and now – at last! – words.

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The rational

The rational Assimilation of norms, thirdly, assumes that the child like a certain emotional relation to these norms.

The rational and emotional relation to ethical standards and to their performance develops at the child through communication with adults.

The adult helps the child to comprehend rationality and need of a certain moral act, the adult authorizes the relation to an act of the child a certain type of behavior.

Against emotional dependence on the adult at the child claim on recognition develops.

Claim on recognition from the adult.

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Rd WEEK If you are young

Rd WEEK If you are young We will discuss typical questions of a condition of newborns.

It will help you to be in quieter and weakened condition.

If you have questions which we did not concern, set them to your pediatrist.

rd WEEK If you are young parents and this is your first kid, our councils will appear for you especially useful.

However do not forget that we discuss most often meeting questions, and your kid is individual.

Every time when you receive new information, reflect, and whether it will be good for your kid.

Trust in the internal feeling and arrive how it prompts to you! Crying.

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