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In their

They see certain phantoms, hear the voices pursuing them.These are victims of pathological conditions.In their personality signs of the organic violations, the mentalities which were accompanied by destruction are shown.So, except for direct internal images extremely rare and absolutely not obligatory for achievement of sanctity, images which can become object of studying of experts, for example theologians or members of English society of mental researches, but do not enter into education, the unique material for our intellectual activity that sense organs give us.The imagination cannot have other basis, except the touch.The touch development preparing for exact perception of all distinctive signs of a subject, underlies supervision over things and all phenomena available to our sense organs.

On it so much

Call any subject which see.The said word will be obligatory a noun.Look at this picture.On it so much all is drawn people, things.Call them.The words said by you surely will be nouns.Verb action.– Evgenia! Rise! Go! Evgenia carries out all these actions, rises, goes.To order it to Evgenia, I had to tell it too action.Nouns subjects.And these words designate actions.It is necessary to move.Exercises on imagination.Look at subjects.What with them it is possible to do Look at our class.What here it is possible to do What do in shopWe look for verbs among the mixed cards, in the book.

But surely

And he will have the right to buy to itselfhimself that wants.But surely help to orient, as By the way, as experiment lower a slice of a crude pechenka in a bottle of Coca or any other aerated water.In two days in the face of the child it will corrode or even it will completely be dissolved it steadily makes very strong impression upon the grownup children.I wantwant, buybuy!!!better them, this money to spend.However, and here do not insist.Spent unsuccessfully Next time will operate more cleverly.Only do not add additional finance of earlier stipulated term, differently the clever child simply will get used that at you always it is possible to elicit a new tip.

It is necessary, that

Happens that the preschool child, having listened to a mathematical task, shows interest not to what actions should be carried out for its decision, and to the situation described in statements of the problem.So, he refuses to solve a problem Mother ate four candies, and to the son gave two.How many they ate together, being indignant with injustice described in it And why it so gave to Mischa a little the child asks.It is necessary, that was equally.In other cases the child tries to receive as soon as possible the answer and for this purpose applies at random actions of addition familiar to it and subtraction.

The nurse

If you do not ask in time a question, that, probably, to the completion of visit you will already forget it.Ask any questions interesting you of emotional development of the child, his trainin social development.Ask to recommend you books and magazines in which you could find answers to the questions.The nurse can answer your some questions, probably, it will make it with big desire, than the doctor.Help the kid to relax When the child relaxes and calms down, it is easier to it to fall asleep.Let's list that can help it with it.Heat bath.Many children like to bathe.

When the child

As soon as between you mutual understanding will be adjusted, you can precisely define the crying reason.When the child cries, be not afraid to take it on hands, to these you itIf you attentively listen, be convinced that crying of the kid different under various circumstances.V ! JEvery time, when the child indream turned over from a back on a stomach, overturn it again.The child should sleep on a back.The st WEEK will not spoil.On the contrary, it will help to establish more strong links between you.Each action you accustom the kid to that with your emergence near it all hardship vanishes and we appear comfort and security.

Offer a pusgyshka. and can be, he a finger


Parents apprehended it correctly is a signal the adult DO NOT CLIMB! It is my world! I have on it full authority.Also allowed it to cut the lock.However, on a key it it was not locked, because adults learned politeness gathered to enter – knock.Dreamin our children study how to behave – lose in imaginations different situations.Roleplaying games of children practically always are based on imagination.Pay attention imagination and reality separate – the stick is a horse, but also after all a stick.Imagination helps to understand itself, in the feelings, feelings, desires.

Earlier pupils

And occurs.Today in classes the corporal punishments which until recently are widely used in prisons, madhouses and schools are not accepted.Punishments became less severe bad notes, remarks, complaints to parents, temporary exception of school.Encouragement too became less demonstrative.Earlier pupils rose by a scene as winners, received from hands of the wellknown citizens of an award, listened to parting words, and the halls filled with proud, uneasy parents, faded in admiration.Today avoidsimilar excesses.

Calls about

Plates provide guidance on different shades of the same color.Calls about octave sounds.Other materials provide guidance on a ratio of length, thickness.Exercises with these materials as we saw, are very attractive to children and repeat them infinitely.The tutor calls each sign.So the classification, all its headings, that is possibility to remember a sign, its image according to the name is created.We can distinguish subjects only on their properties, therefore, classification of these properties a basis of the order including all subjects.The world is not so chaotic for the child.

For a staff

In our communitythe staff was alternative to the house of parents.We tried to fill it ~ subjects, even ware, also liked not only to play there, but also ~there is, and sometimes and to sleep.In – years owing to absence of children in the district where I lived, I built to myself~ alone Volodya.For a staff we built tents.In the winter from thrown out New Year'sfirtrees, in the summer from boxes, branches, sticks.The main thing secret presence.Membersgames had the password, there was a game scenario, are accurately cast, and all I will come ~manna names.As a rule, there were imagined opponents.Napri ~measures we Indians, they are passersby white men.

You can determine

Your kid cries it usually and is expected.Newborns can cry or more hours per day.It is the unique way for the child to tell that it is hungry, wet, is tired that it is boring for him or it not in mood.When you know the kid better, you will understand that crying has different intonations and value.You can determine by crying of the child that happened.If crying of the child guards you, discuss it with the pediatrist.The child grew thin.Newborns have a physiological loss of weight of a body.It begins soon after the birth and days last.

Spirit – in general

Almost magic things However, it can be both a casket, and a trunk, and ordinary the sack – as is more convenient to you.The only thing that it is necessary – to issue them on magic it is more beautiful!, that it would be desirable to glance there, that hardly darted a glance – at once guessed here live helps for the fairy tale.Spirit – in general a great cause.But if the child not in mood That … also is not necessary.The main thing that in mood there were you.And for kids business does not become, children easily catch parental mood and it is easy are connected – to your optimistic note.

The child

Children want to preserve the inner peace, and we want to prevent of We poison them with a gloom of errors.The child battles for the spiritual food, as the poor for a piece of bread.It degrades, falls a victim of our temptations as the poor comes under to alcohol influence.In this fight and death children the poor people doomed to poverty.Anybody does not show us better, what not bread uniform the person is live.Sufferings, the fight, all public requirements concerning corporal needs, are shown and in spiritual development.Children need to raise, be improved, develop the intelligence, an inner world, to build up character.

It is possible

Why nobody wondered, how from air of plazmodiya gets to a bloodgroove What catalepsy captured mind of experts in intellectual work What huge assemblage of minds and any identity! At last Ross opened that malaria is transmitted to birds by special mosquitoes.Here, at last, the main argument which has generated knowledge of truth.If birds catch from mosquitoes, and people should have all as.Simple reasonin but it as the guide sign, conducts us directly to opening.It is possible to believe that in malarial areas air is fine, and the soil is fertile.It is possible to breathe this air all day long and to remain healthy! Only avoid stings of insects.

So, if the oneyearold

Children of different age from the point of view of their mental development differ among themselves first of all on available and characteristic kinds of activity for them.So, if the oneyearold kid generally manipulates subjects knocks, shakes somethin piles up one toy on another, the preschool child is engaged in designin erecting difficult buildings from cubes, draws, molds, recreates in games of an event of surrounding life, plots of favourite fairy tales.The important party of mental development emergence, change and improvement of mental processes and qualities of children perceptions, attention, imagination makes, memories, thinkin speeches, feelings, initial forms of strongwilled management of behavior.

Here you will

But consider that children easily distract, and, quite possibly, even very much wishing to make as it is necessary, the cub will not carry out your task up to the end.It drags a cube, on eyes the machine comes across, the machine suffices Bibi! Went! that's all forgot.Here you will be helped by the simple recipe toys should be a little! That is there, on shelves, in yashchichka as much as necessary, and here plays only with what are necessary in this, this game.Finished game Carry into place, clean, and then take the followin another what you will want.By the way, with big heaps of games and toys kids in general play worse, are confused, lost, demand, that parents went helped, with them played.

Smiles, having

Sit down to table.Galya Tea to drink.Puts before everyone the wooden cylinder from a construction material, from another pours.It is tea it explains.Goes, brings some halves of balls and distributes them, speaking The rolls, to everyone on a roll.Smiles, having met eyes the experimenter, and it is again serious Vilya, do not detain, rather! The experimenter call.She says that behind it mother came, and leaves.On F.I.Fradkina's materials.Younger preschool children recreate in relation game in very limited, narrow circle of plots.As a rule, it is the games connected with direct practice of children.

The backlog

Children of many regions are deprived of parental love as social living conditions create deficiency of communication of the adult with the child.Employment of mother and absence of the father which for a long time leaves a family in search of earnings, become the reason of an arrest of development of the child.The backlog reason in development of children of workers and the unemployed in the capitalist countries is class discrimination.Children keep away from the family, create children's street communities in which the examples of behavior obtained from bourgeois mass media and a surrounding social microhabitat violence, aggression, sex dominate.

,, Yura, having

Removed from itself some brush so that it was more convenient to look at a ring which continued to move.,, Yura, having received in both hands on a metal rattle identical in appearance from which one jingled, waved at first with both rattles, and then continued to swing only that which jingled.As soon as a rattle replaced another, he ceased to play it.{ From supervision of River #.Lech TmanAbramovich.Further development of a manipulation consists that the baby starts to act not with one, and at the same time with two subjects.The simplest example of such action a postukivaniye one rattle about another.

For the younger

e.understanding of its contents is improved.Development of understanding of communication of drawing with reality.Children well learn images of familiar subjects, people, situations, but treat the picture not how adults.For the younger preschool child the picture is rather a repetition of reality, its special look, than the image.Children often assume that the drawn people, subjects can have the same properties, as the presents.When to the preschool child show the picture on which the person standing by a back is represented, and ask, where it the person, the child overturns the picture, expecting to find the person on the back a sheet of paper.

The wadded

It is normal physiological process, and you should not care of it especially.Ear sulfur consists of the become lifeless cages an epiteliya and a ferruterous secret.She allows to protect an eardrum and an acoustical pipe from alien microorganisms and substances.Ear sulfur is usually removed independently.We do not recommend to be engaged in clarification of external acoustical pass from sulfur.The wadded balls moistened in water, wipe an auricle, but do not try to clean an ear inside.Danger of a travmirovaniye of an eardrum is very great! Clothes for walks Be guided by that, as though you put on.For walks with the kid in cold weather use on one layer of clothes more than allocate.

Here it will

,, Before Serezhey on a table two glass glasses of an identical form in which the unequal quantity of water is poured.The experimenter asks the examinee to choose to itself a water glass.Experimenter.Here it will be your water, and it is mine.Who has more than water At you or at me .At me.The experimenter chooses a narrow high glass and pours the water in this glass.The water level becomes higher, than in a glass of the examinee though the water volume is less.

Actually, anything

On a sotenny spoke , on decimal Now we postpone beads of the second, attaching them to already postponed beads of the first on a sotenny spoke, on decimal and on the individual.It was necessary to write down only the received number, having counted up all postponed beads Now we will take more difficult case when we need to postpone more than beads on a spoke.Actually, anything difficult.Having reached to , we return into place all beads on this spoke and we postpone one on bottom on It one bead is equal to beads of the top spoke.

Help the kid to develop

For games with the kid use things and the subjects surrounding you in a life.Help the kid to develop capture.If you play together, suggest the child to take various subjects.Try to induce it independently to reach any toy.You can think up many toys.For example, the ringlet which has been put on a measured spoon, can be th WEEKred rattle, the picture which has been cut out from the magazine a remarkable grant for examining and training.Choose lungs for toy capture At this age for the kid those toys which are easy for holding in a hand will be best.Children like balls of various flowers and the sizes.

Can press

Are afraid to cause to it inconvenience, pain, are afraid of it to drop.Relax, inhale more air, the kid not such fragile as it seems to you! Here so it will be better! How to hold the child.If you took the child on hands, constantly support his head a hand or a forearm.A back support a forearm and a brush of the second hand.Can press to itself the kid or keep it at arm's length.For movement with the child can use a special backpack.Constantly protect the head of the baby the hand.The child is the main judge in a question as there is a lot of and as often it should eat.V JAS the KID FOR the st WEEK MATURED When you hold the child on hands or bear it by means of adaptations on a breast, be careful not to cause it harm.

Among our adult

Among our adult informantsthere were people who were distressed concerning that they had all ~lump late in comparison with others.The girl who has arrived from the province, both in teenage, and in the youthfulage continues to solve problems of the first, adaptable phase studiesnot to hesitate, not to be afraid of people, to feel in transport, as all.The young woman of years with surprise reports about the recently on ~the been desire to learn And where there is a bus further, after II leave and the decision to be passed by this bus to a rin asit is done by children of years in ~.Why I know nothing about that,what round me Parents anywhere did not start up me, and I was afraid of everything not ~acquaintance.

You will approach

What is the wood What season Whether it is solar, whether there is a breeze You one or with someone What do you do You leave on a clearing and see a spring.You will approach to it You will drink water Suddenly on an edge jumps out an animal.What it That it does And you that do You go further, ahead – the river.What As you will be to get over on other coast You appeared on other party – and see the house.What is the house It would be desirable for you to go there You approach to the house, directly to a door.Describe door.On a door the plate, what does she look like On it your name is written – read inscription.You come into the house.

In the weakened

The first I from other world and now am in the world another's.The second I collect information.In the weakened look it will soundso I am not included in events, and I observe.The position of the observer necessarily is close to the child and for his developmentit is very important.In the relations with the adult world the child masters it ~malstvo.Adults are extremely inclined in many significant for themselvessituations psychologically, and even physically to leave the child offscreen.And he from a secluded corner looks, listens observes, remembers,acquires behavior models.

Günter drags

,, Mother stumbled on the steps conducting from one room in another.Günter first of all tries to help to rise it, then starts to blow on the hurt place, repeating with alarm Now it is better Let's notice to children of the severe pain, mother went to other room.Günter drags a stool to a door, scrambles on it, presses the handle and again asks gentle tone Now it is better Then comes back to a place of falling and carries away a bucket standing there which considers as the misfortune reason, saying that does not want, that it repeated.From supervision K.Stern.The love and tenderness in relation to other people are connected with indignation and anger against those who acts in the opinion of the child as their offenders.

A little

And from those unexpressed assumptions which will come to mind, only it becomes more terrible.A little that there was something unclear and frightening and children very much are acute so also the truths do not speak, it is even more terrible.If parents cannot be trusted, means in such huge world there is nobody to rely About itself or aloud, at once or a bit later, the child all the same will be to look for the answer to a question And where it got to, because it tries on everything on itself.

The Fly reflected

Began to lay down in bed … Only lay down – as will jump up Oh! – shouts – Invisible being!.Followed water – !.Stumbled – plopped down – it was stretched, it is good, is able that to fly … The child roars with laughter so vividly to it these pictures see.I I double diligence.The Fly reflected well it is impossible to live so, it is necessary … it is necessary … as – that to make the Invisible being visible … … remembering Wales, I estimate, what on it to pull, that the clothes gave out it … and then she decided to dress not it … to put on … – Cap! To Vidimka! – Arina shouts.It is valid, why still to the present to the Invisible being real caps To it magic it is necessary, here the such – Vidimka! – And where it to take – I ask the quick child, and that gives out without halts – The fly was in a jacket.

Quite often

There is a set ~tsifichesky children's ways of generalization and ordering of representationsabout world around.It does it in imaginations, games, dances, songs, ~ and other types of individual creative activity.Quite often ~ly at all do not notice, how the child continuous a miroustroitel ~ makesthe ny work allowing it to keep feeling of stability, ~to Nosta and intelligence of the life.Happens that adult, that without understandin try to destroy ~ this work of the child.For example, quite often teachers fightwith the earth line and the sky line in drawings of preschool children achieve,that the child completely painted over the represented sky and the earth as ~I forge scenery against which his characters ~ should settle downsunka.

Interiorizatsiya. Internal

And children

The moment will come he will rise and will go.Today practically all parents hold such opinion.Therefore diapers, baskets on castors and walkers gradually disappear from shops.And children nevertheless grow with direct legs and start to go even earlier, than in days of old.What simplification for parents! It is hard to understand that legs, a nouse, a head and ears of the beloved child entirely depend on your care.What huge responsibility! To understand how more quietly that the nature took care of everything.

However it is a question

Some experts on music scarified our material, having declared that it will not help to seize the musical art available to the only chosen.However it is a question of distinction of different sounds, that is fluctuations of different frequency.This quite material, notable difference which is capable to catch any normal ear.For this purpose it is not necessary for any musical endowments.Otherwise we will reach the statement that only the genius is capable to distinguish color shades.Special difficulty of music other, highest order intuitive feeling of harmony and counterpoint, creative inspiration.

The important

Interest to the such external moments is less important, than desire to study, but also it has positive value, expressing the general aspiration of the child to change the place in society, situation among other people.The important party of psychological readiness for school sufficient level of strongwilled development of the child.At different children this level appears various, but the typical line distinguishing sevenyear children, the sopodchineniye of motives which gives to the child possibility to operate the behavior and which is necessary in order that at once is, having come to the I class, to join in the general activity, to accept system of the requirements shown by school and the teacher.

In what way it is possible

To take, for example, rope wires.In what way it is possible to pull them that they went to houses of all ~ the groups, living in different places of the settlement moreover that bronze to ~lokolchik on the ends of these wires in houses of children ringed at turnshturvalny wheel on an attic.Here still it is possible to add from where ~foxes of a rope if in those days a piece idle time of a linen rope was valuably ~ for any hostess.Or selfmade phone on which it is possiblewas to speak as children managed to make it After all even any mat ~rials for this purpose it was impossible to get.

May here

Listen to that children speak.May here will come and will bring a bug … the May … Bolshooho the such!, – what is it Perhaps, the beginning of the fine fairy tale … Write down more – and to you it becomes more clear their surprising Toy Store.Be connected to it.Small govorilka or As children's speech develops By the end of the first year of the life the kid says the first words.We with impatience wait for these !, bibi, mother, father, … Our care and caress, our first fairy tales induced the baby to babble, murmur, modulate this babble i.e.to repeat syllables with various intonation, and now – at last! – words.

The rational

Assimilation of norms, thirdly, assumes that the child like a certain emotional relation to these norms.The rational and emotional relation to ethical standards and to their performance develops at the child through communication with adults.The adult helps the child to comprehend rationality and need of a certain moral act, the adult authorizes the relation to an act of the child a certain type of behavior.Against emotional dependence on the adult at the child claim on recognition develops.Claim on recognition from the adult.

Rd WEEK If you are young

We will discuss typical questions of a condition of newborns.It will help you to be in quieter and weakened condition.If you have questions which we did not concern, set them to your pediatrist.rd WEEK If you are young parents and this is your first kid, our councils will appear for you especially useful.However do not forget that we discuss most often meeting questions, and your kid is individual.Every time when you receive new information, reflect, and whether it will be good for your kid.Trust in the internal feeling and arrive how it prompts to you! Crying.


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